Bodytalk has been life changing for me. It allows me to be more aware and in control of emotions, feelings and anxiety. I was extremely skeptical at the beginning. I have seen firsthand how it has taken my son out of a melt down.
— SB
Our 3.5 yr old grand-daughter developed a chronic cough & I mean night and day. We tried everything for about 3 months and nothing worked. A close friend had told us about Bodytalk and referred us to Laura. After 1 session, Graycie was calmer & more focused than I have ever seen. In 3 days the cough was gone, her sleeping turned around and her focus to this day is great. When she is feeling stressed she will ask to have the tapping done!
— Arlene
It’s relaxing. My friend really likes it too because it calms it her down. I don’t really know why I had tummy aches and headaches before Bodytalk. I don’t know how it happened but Bodytalk really helped me and I don’t have them anymore.I really like coming to Bodytalk!
— A. M. , 9
Bodytalk has changed my life. I feel a lot better physically and emotionally. I found out things I never even knew were causing my pain. I spent so much time and money with doctors, massage therapists and chiropractors and Bodytalk was what helped me in the end. I wish I would’ve found it sooner. I’ve never been able to go as long pain free as I have started Bodytalk 5 years ago. Your emotional well being affects your body. I realized work was a huge stress causing even more stress on my body.
— DEAN, 44
I came initially because my blood pressure was out of whack. After the first session, everything settled down. I even was able to use the cortices technique in the doctors office to immediately lower my blood pressure within minutes. Bodytalk has also helped me with my allergies. I was always swollen but since starting sessions I no longer have that problem. I also used to react to dogs and I have no issues with that anymore. I definitely noticed a huge difference in my blood glucose levels & my husband knew there was a shift too as I could never go long without eating. I would get faint or dizzy. I don’t have that issue anymore.
— Karen, 70
I was having serious anxiety about competing, to the point of dry heaving at times. I went to Laura on a Monday and my first competition following that appointment was on a Saturday. I had huge success with overcoming my anxiety and nerves. It has helped me to give an emotional release to emotions that were blocking me from being successful. I have had a lot of success competing since then. I also received helped last year when I was struggling to fall asleep at night. Laura helped me with that and I haven’t had trouble sleeping since then. I highly recommend working with Laura for getting a competitive edge, being able to handle your emotions and achieve your full potential in your sport.
— Madelyn Taylor, 14
Laura genuinely cares about leading people on a healing journey. I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with her. I am a calmer person today because of Bodytalk. I don’t obsess over my health (among other things) to the point of needing medication for anxiety. I have learned better ways to control my mind to deal with my emotions.
— C. M.
When I first saw Laura I was very excited and open to what she had to offer with Bodytalk. After my first session, I knew immediately that I would want to see her at least once a month. When I first came to Laura I was anxious and had trouble breathing and slowing my brain down with all the thoughts that were going through my head. The process completely calmed and relaxed me and I left my first session feeling refreshed and ready to take on another day. Since then I’ve been recommending her to everyone I see! She is very knowledgeable and I look forward to every session I have with her!
— Amber,
It takes away my anxiety. I feel very relaxed. I do the “laura tap” at home every day, once in the morning and once at night. It takes me out of emergency mode AND, my pet dog, Kacy loves it too.
— M. B.
Bodytalk ignited a spark in my personal awareness that was never there before. Ithe more I dive into the mysteries of what lies beneath the surface of my understanding and awareness the more I want to explore and learn. Without Bodytalk in my life I would still be on anti-depressants and likely still be blaming the world for all of my issues. Thank you Laura for “freeing” me from the chains of my subconscious ties.
— Tanya
Bodytalk has helped me with my relationship with my brother. I started last year because of my class & school and it helped me realize I don’t need everyone in my class to make me feel like I belong. I know that I can do my own thing. It’s helped me to not let things get to my head. I notice that my relationship with my brother is better when I come more often. I would recommend other students and teachers to try bodytalk as it helps you to think in a different way. It allows you to understand that you can help yourself be happy and not have to be like everyone else. Lots of kids think you have to be a certain way to fit in.
— Kelly, 15
After my very first Bodytalk appointment with Laura I experienced great results. I had been having bad dreams that kept me restless at night and they stopped immediately after the appointment. I haven’t had once since. I also have not had heart palpitations and I was experiencing them on a regular basis.
— Arlene
Since Tyson’s (6 yrs old) Bodytalk session we definitely have had less meltdowns. Sleep is better and he likes the Cortices Technique. He will ask for it and even tries to do it on himself. I definitely plan on keeping it up and see what happens!
— B. M.
Not only has Bodytalk helped me heal and move through traumas of the past, it has given me the tools to reset and choose how to react when emotionally triggered. Bodytalk has significantly helped me become the person that I have always meant to be.
— A. W.
I’ve been to Laura for only 1 session. After I felt very calm & relaxed. One of the things she worked on was my Pancreas Reflex Point and I noticed I had zero sugar cravings for a solid month after the session. I was supposed to go back around the 1 month mark but I cancelled because of other commitments. It was shortly after that my sugar cravings came back like crazy.
— Alicia
I suffer from a lot of shoulder and neck pain that results in pretty bad migraines. I received my CM cream last week for muscle pain and it is wonderful!! Added 10 drops of trauma essential oil and 5 drops of peppermint. You only need a very small amount and it works like a charm. I have drastically reduced my intake if OTC and RX meds for the pain. The discomfort was taken care of and therefore did not lead to migraines at all in the past week. Very impressed and carry it everywhere! Thank you MindBody Balance Therapies for helping me!
— Anna Marie
What I like best about the Mindfulness workshop is the way all the aspects of the mind and body are talked about and it made me feel calm and relaxed. It gave me an insight on my mind and brain, and how it works. This workshop is different from anything else I’ve done because it’s not only for athletes but also anyone, under any circumstances, can also understand and use everything we talked about. This workshop makes me really understand the mental aspect of life. I would recommend it to other athletes because sport is 10% skill and 90% mental. Most athletes don’t know that, and I didn’t before I came to this workshop. Not only did I feel calm and relaxed but it helped me learn how to really use my mind and body to perform best in my sport. I will use the ways to stay focused and to not be fearful. I will also use the emotional backpack strategy to get rid of anything that is upsetting me.
— Heidi K., 14
I enjoyed the mental imagery, and learning about myself, as well as the strategies I can use anywhere at anytime (cortices, breathing, emotional check-ins). This workshop teaches about the right side of the brain more and is less structured in a good way! We get to find what works for us and what we like best, as well as when to use these strategies when we might be on our own. I would definitely recommend this to others because it’s not targeted to one sport, and can be used anywhere in life. This is also something not a lot of athletes or teams practice with each other or with their coaches as much, but it’s such an important aspect for not only athletes but everyone. I enjoyed the brain and body breaks, and the different activities. I will use what I learned to manage “issues” in public places (school, and at the rink). Cortices, breathing techniques, emotional check-ins, and to refocus and motivate myself.
— Ashlyn S., 14
I liked the mental imagery and the cortices technique best. It helps me to relax my mind and body and to just “reset”. Learning how to relax and have a positive mindset is different from stuff I learn at school or at other skating seminars. I would recommend it to other athletes because it can help you deal with stress and tension in the body that a lot of athletes have. Stress comes when we work to be better each day. Taking time to properly relax your body is important. I will use the cortices technique to reset my brain and the emotional check-in to make sure that I’m in check with my emotions.
— Makayla J., 13
I enjoyed learning how to deal with certain situations and learning all of the strategies. I liked to learn about the brain, body and about MYSELF. This workshop is different because you get to learn with body breaks so you can take moments to think about what you learned, and to rest the brain and refocus. I would recommend this to any type of athlete that wants to succeed. This teaches you how to goal set, train and practice to make the most of it. It also allows you to reflect. I will use many breathing & visualization strategies to calm myself and let the weight of stress and emotion go.
— Emma M., 14
This class was amazing. I wish it was longer! I could stay here all night. I have so many things I want to talk about and understand better now. I cannot wait for the next workshop. I’m so glad I came.
— Michelle
Comfortable and engaging atmosphere - opens ups your mind to new thought processes and not to be afraid to put yourself first.
Once again, you pushed my buttons in a good way! Thanks!
An interesting way to stop, take a moment and reflect where you are and open the door to mindfully moving forward.
Laura has been instrumental in helping me get through a very difficult time in my life and continues to help me on tough days. On good days we continue to peel back layers to create a more relaxed, destressed, mind & body.
— Heather