Rescue Easy Baby Balm

Rescue Easy Baby Balm


Baby Steps Aromatherapy is a line of products and training providing safe, natural solutions for your young family’s health & wellness.  As a certified aromatherapist, and a mother of 4, I know first hand that safety is of utmost importance when using essential oils with your family.

Custom blends & rollers available upon request for teething pain, tummy troubles, colic & more!   For more information or to order, please contact

The Rescue Baby Balm helps soothe diaper or skin rashes, burns, bug bites, or any irritations on your little one’s skin! It contains Lavender, Chamomile, and Frankincense mixed with organic coconut oil, organic local beeswax, calendula oil, and cocoa butter.   Safe for newborns and up.  Apply directly to affected area as needed.

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