My name is Laura Lawrence and I’m a mother of 4, a Wellness educator, Bodytalk practitioner, Self-Care advocate & Mindfulness coach.

I am a wife, mother, sister, friend, and lover of all things carbohydrate!  My husband and I reside on an acreage with 4 beautiful children ages 12, 8, 3 and 6 months.   My journey to starting my own complimentary wellness business began with the death of my grandfather from lung cancer, at the age of 11.  That experience really left an imprint in my psyche and since then, it’s been a passion of mine to help others.

I attended highschool in the small community of Cudworth, Saskatchewan and graduated with just over 20 students in my class.  I went on to study at the University of Saskatchewan and received a Bachelor of Education with a major in Biology and minor in French. In my studies, I also studied Chemistry and Biochemistry and have always been fascinated with the life sciences.  I was a Science teacher for over 12 years until I decided to take an early departure in 2013.

I’m very much a believer that you don’t find Bodytalk, it finds you.  In 2013 I had what I refer to as a “frying pan moment” when life as I knew it, completely took an unexpected path that was both mentally and emotionally difficult, exhausting really.   A friend of mine set up a wellness weekend for me, and one of the appointments she scheduled me was a Bodytalk.  Although I felt “nothing” after my first session and was very much skeptical it “did” anything, I went on to continue with it and am so thankful I did as I was able to experience such positive and powerful shifts in my bodymind in a very short time.

I was so fascinated with the Bodytalk system as a client that in 2014 I began my formal training to become a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner.  Fast forward to today where I have completed all of my certification, as well as all of my advanced training and have a healthy Bodytalk practice in Melfort, SK.    In 2016 I trained to become a certified aromatherapist and now offer aromatherapy, aromatic lymphatic massage  & lymphatic drainage as therapies available to my clientele.

MindBody Balance is a culmination of many passions of mine. Over the past year I’ve started to run Mindfulness Workshops for all ages and have been working my way back to the school system by working with students and teachers.  I am inspired to help people practice consistent self-care in their lives and find balance and wellness within themselves, their relationships and their external environments.  If we don’t have good health, nothing else really matters!