Whole Healthcare

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Imagine a world where you walk into a health centre and to your left is a medical doctor’s office, to your right is the wholistic doctor’s office, just down the hall is a Reiki and Reflexology room, an Acupuncturist’s office is a door down, and right around the corner is a Massage therapist, a Bodytalk practioner and an aromatherapist. At morning coffee break they head to the common staff room, discussing how best to help their clients heal and live a long & healthy life.

A crazy idea? Perhaps.. but one that I hope is not too far from our future.  The body is a whole system and Integration of modalities that treat the body as a whole system, focusing not just on the physical body but also the mental/emotional aspects of the body, are having positive improvements on overall health & wellness. After all, even main stream medicine agrees stress is a major contributor to disease & chronic illness.  Incorporation of a health care system that can help target the root cause of stress, such as Bodytalk, can shed light on why the body is reacting the way it is in response to environmental factors.  Bodytalk assists with Reducing nerve tension & balancing all the systems in the body, taking the body from flight or fight to rest, relax & heal. It’s a powerful modality that can help anyone, of any age!