92% of people fail at this. Are you one of them?

It’s February 2nd.  You’ve had a month to make or break your New Year’s intentions, how’s that working for you? 

Research shows that a whopping 92% of people fail at attaining the goals they set for themselves.   My left brain teacher thinking used to believe that failure to succeed in achieving goals was directly related to not taking a SMART approach to goal setting.  Not setting Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, or Time orientated goals would almost always result in failure to achieve.  That’s so left brain thinking.  What about the percentage of people that were SMART about their goal setting and still didn’t achieve them?

s-o-c-i-a-l-c-u-t-542907-unsplash (1).jpg

There’s an autopilot we all have that drives our behaviors without conscious thought.  It’s called our subconscious mind and it accounts for 95% of our thoughts.  The subconscious mind is responsible for our behaviors,  belief systems, emotional reactions, defense and coping mechanisms that keep us stuck in patterns.  Patterns that are non-intentional, and just happen without conscious thought.  These are the patterns that keep us replaying the same old story over and over in our lives.

I recently hosted a Mindful Manifestations Workshop on Goal Setting.  Oddly enough, at first glance, it had absolutely nothing to do with setting goals.   I’m most certain that some of the participants whom have never attended any of my workshops thought I was completely off my rocker! Who hosts a goal setting workshop and doesn’t actually set goals?!   My answer was – Why do something that’s been done before?  Why use our left brain thinking to plan, outline, and organize our goals when it’s proven to fail with 92% of the population?  Why not work with the autopilot?  So that’s what we did.  We started to explore the underlying subconscious B.S. (short for belief systems..or bulls#@t..whichever!) which repeatedly aid and embed in the self-sabotage that is the actual REAL reason we can’t achieve our goals.   Conscious mind 5%, Subconscious mind 95% – the math shows where the energy goes!  If your conscious mind is focused on losing 20 lbs but your subconscious programming is “Nothing ever works for me.  I always fail.” the 95% of the replay button trumps the intention for change and you go year after year trying to lose the weight but never actually doing so.

How do we change this powerful subconscious programming?

Step 1, become aware, notice patterns of behavior, emotional patterns, your triggers.

Step 2, become aware of what belief systems you’re attached to.

Step 3, explore WHY you’re attached to that belief system.

Definitely not as easy as it sounds, but neither is the left-brain thinking approach!  I promise you just may get a bit further with this approach if you’re willing to #changeyourlens and take a look!  Want to dig deeper and explore where this right brain approach to goal setting might take you? 

Join me in my next Mindful Manifestations Workshop – shoot me an email at bodytalklaura@gmail.com for specific dates!