The Secret To Happiness


Looking for the secret to happiness?  As it seems, so is everyone else.  You’ve heard it before.  Happiness is a state of mind.  We “choose” happiness.  Or do we?  Is it really that easy?  The short and simple answer is no.

Our thoughts are dominated by our sub-conscious programming.  In fact, as much as 95% of our thoughts originate from the subconscious mind. This is where our fears, our behavioural patterns, defense mechanisms, and emotional programming reside.  If your programming is strongly rooted in negative experiences, belief systems, painful memories or current stresses, “choosing” happiness is like trying to rescue yourself from beneath a thousand pound boulder.   If your marriage has ended, your child is struggling, or you’ve just lost your job, “happiness” seems impossible.  If you’ve just lost a loved one, or received unexpected crippling news about the state of your health, “choosing” happiness isn’t even in the realm of possibility.

But what is possible?  Practicing Mindfulness.  We can all practice mindfulness, at any time, regardless of our circumstances, or our mental or emotional state of being.  It’s not about “choosing” happiness, or sadness, or even any other emotion.   Mindfulness is simply a heightened state of awareness.  It’s about becoming aware and tuning in.  Opening up all of your senses to anchor yourself in the present moment.  It’s about connection.   Finding the tiniest bit of joy in this strong awareness.   Maybe the joy comes in through our memories of loved ones when we become still and quiet.  Maybe it comes in through a familiar sound or smell, or a beautiful nature scene that is soothing to the senses.  Maybe it’s simply feeling your heart beat and a sense of knowing that you have the potential for purpose in life.  Mindfulness isn’t about a state of mind.  It’s about a state of being and feeling.  Joy is found in the divine dimension that is not constrained by circumstance.  No judgement.  No expectation.  Just find a quiet space,  take a few deep breaths, tune in with your senses…and feel what comes to you.