That Gut Feeling

Albert Einstein had it.  He used it.  He understood it.  And he believed it.  As did Mozart, Tesla, Edison and many other brilliant scientific minds in history.  So why can’t the rest of us?

There’s a societal collective fear based belief system around intuition. It’s perceived as being this mystical super power from the twilight zone that is used (or completely made up) by voodoo energy healers that have been given “the gift”.  The truth is, each and every one of us is born with an intuitive mind so each of us possess the ability to use it! The first step is to understand how it’s already showing up in your life and then harness that awareness to use it to your benefit!


Before I was introduced to Bodytalk,  I knew that there were many times in my life I had a “gut feeling” about something or someone that turned out to be quite accurate.  Not knowing how or why I felt that way, I just “knew” it.  You’ve had that feeling too.  We’ve all had the experience of meeting someone knew and picking up on those first impression vibes.  Maybe you get a warm, fuzzy feeling or maybe on the contrary, you feel a sense of unease or get a case of the “ejeebeejees”!

When we have a certain “gut feeling” about something it’s actually because we’re sensing and receiving information.  A part of your nervous system picks up on energetic vibrations from the outside world.  Moms out there.. have you ever woken up just seconds before your baby cries out or your toddler comes running into your room during the night?  (My kids make sure I’m an expert on this one!) Or maybe you’ve gone to pick up your cell phone to call or text someone only to find that they JUST sent you a text or the phone rings?  Creepy heh?  Or maybe not!?  Why does this happen? To use the simplest explanation as possible, the frequency of the intention (thought) of the person with whom you’re communicating with, gets to you faster than the actual physical signal.   (For those of you who are die hard left brains we’re diving into the realm of quantum physics here and communication between atoms!)  It’s totally real.  But why do we pass it off as just a “coincidence”?!  Because we’re conditioned to believe it’s NOT real.  Our belief systems filter the information our senses are able to pick up on.   Thus, if the track in our subconscious mind playing is “this is not possible”, our conscious mind solidifies that it really isn’t, even if it is!

The Bodytalk System offers a lifescience course called “Mindscape” which literally will change the way you sense (not just see) EVERYTHING!  Just this past weekend I spent two phenomenal days with 12 fantastic women as they learned how to tap into, structure and TRUST their intuitive mind and it was nothing short of AMAZING!   Many of these women walked into the course feeling nervous, skeptical, analytical, and completely un-certain of what they’d signed up for but by the time we were saying our “farewells” they each had their own individual dynamic transformation and had awakened not only their senses and their intuitive mind but their own personal beliefs to is actually possible!  IF this sounds like something you’re ready to explore, have a peek at Kristin’s (our Mindscape Instructor) website for more information on unlocking your inner intuitive mind via Mindscape and upcoming courses in your area!