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Mindfulness & Meditation Class : 6 Week Class

There’s joy to be found in some of the simplest moments of our lives & finding it becomes easier with practice ️ Join me for a 6 week Meditation & Mindfulness Class series starting this Sunday, Jan. 13th from 7-8 pm to start 2019 off with intentional awareness. 

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Here’s a deeper look at what each week has to offer you! 

WEEK 1 : Jan. 13th
Heart meditation : Attract Abundance & Joy into your life through balancing the heart chakra & guided journaling

WEEK 2 : Jan. 20th
Grounding meditation : Releasing insecurities, worry & fear and bringing strength to your life through balancing the root chakra & guided journaling

WEEK 3: Jan. 27
Balancing  meditation : Inviting ease, balance & releasing control in your life through balancing the solar plexus chakra & guided journaling

WEEK 4: Feb. 3
Healing Meditation : Attracting positive energy, experiences & relationships in your life, releasing negative energy & thoughts and guided journaling

WEEK 5: Feb. 10th
Awakening Meditation : Become in touch with your intuition and your ability to manifest goodness in your life through intentional focus & awareness and guided journaling) 

WEEK 6: Feb. 17th
Gratitude Meditation : Releasing emotions, pain, and negative experiences through a deep focus on gratitude, love and awareness in your life and guided journaling)